Another Visit to Another Place (aka I Fall in Love Too Easily Part 2)

I wrote recently about my desire to shoot some of Anthony Gormley‘s sculptures on Crosby Beach, and though I was successful, I was disappointed with the outcome for two reasons; the light pushed me towards a high ISO setting that resulted in grainier pictures than I really wanted, and the fact that I was battling with ubiquitous mud was too great a distraction.

Being back on Merseyside today, and graced with another day of hazy sunshine I thought I’d get down there for golden hour and give it another go.

The beach was more welcoming (the tide was coming in this time so the sand had been drying in the sun for some time), the haze gave new possibilities, and I was aware of more of the sculptures, including those out at sea struggling to keep their heads above water.

I thought it would be nice to combine a real person with one of the images in something akin to my signature shot of bride and groom when photographing weddings.  Down by the waterline was a man engaged in his own artwork, draping a flag around the shoulders of a steely companion, he appeared to be creating his own photographic art.

When I approached him it turned out that we should have met sooner.  His son was on a naval ship travelling up towards Liverpool and he had been trying to capture a shot of the ship but didn’t have the right camera to do it justice.  As he told me his story the ship was already disappearing from view so I was too late to assist.  Nevertheless Harvey agreed to pose and I got something like the shot I wanted from this non-model!

Without the pressure of being covered in mud I was free to capture some of the other visual beauty that was all around me, reminding me why I use the name a photogenic world.  There was plenty here to fall in love with.  Wonder if I’d have thought the same if it had been raining though!


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