So the nasty man took my Canon away this morning.  When he brings it back fully healed I shall revise my opinion, but until then…

Nothing for it then but to revisit my old Olympus E620.  It lacks the pixels, lens quality and ability to produce noise free imagery, but on the plus side it is small and light by comparison, and so easy to sling over the shoulder for a short bike ride.  Consequently today’s images represent just a handful of sights along the way and a test run for the little ‘un.

First up, nothing remarkable about a swan with an identify crisis…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

This is not a lake by the way, but the corner of a field which has been flooded continually for months now.  Must be driving the farmer mad having so much waterlogged land.

Then nothing else of interest (or at least nothing that I noticed while toiling uphill against the wind) until I reached the river where the bright white of the reflected fishing boat caught my eye.  Nothing that you couldn’t photograph every day though.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

A bit further on and I did find something worthwhile though.  Taking a shortcut between the marina and the sea I spotted a row of lampposts whose strong perpendicularity was accentuated by the narrow lane that they dissected.  Finding the spot where the pier and lighthouse came into view too and I had my picture for the day.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Shame I didn’t take as much care over the positioning of the lighthouse in this next shot, but one I was down on my stomach I was motivated to get the shot  before an approaching cyclist rode over me!

Reaching the end of the pier I met the inevitable anglers.  Not many about today, it being cold, windy and a weekday, but Stan was happy enough to give me a smile and extol the virtues of the exercise and fresh air he had obtained through walking the length of the pier and then waiting while his friend caught nothing longer than 4″.  Must have been the bait they were using; can’t say that it would have attracted me!




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