Winds of change

I talk a lot about change during the training that I deliver.  The way that change is uncomfortable while we adjust to new circumstances, relationships, processes, and structures.  I’ve been the living embodiment of the model I use to describe how we react to feedback, experiencing denial, emotion and justification before reaching the acceptance that heralds readiness for change.  Having travelled that rough road I’m feeling healthier, more relaxed and generally better equipped for the world and the experiences that future has in store.  I’m rediscovering lost pleasures in music and photography; exploring new horizons (Not just Widnes & Bootle!).

I may move away from the sea that has been a constant companion of the last twenty years, but wherever I go I know that new inspiration awaits.

Until I do however, there is still material here.  After all no man steps in the same river twice as Heraclitus said expressing the fact that change is ubiquitous.  Substitute some salt water and the outcome is the same.  Brian Eno‘s Oblique Strategies, as well as containing his take on Heraclitus (Repetition is a form of change) today came up with

Once the search is begun, something will be found.

He’s right of course.  Today then I photographed some familiar subjects; those who ride the winds of change, but today I shared more of their excitement.  I wasn’t the only photographer seeking to do so it seems…

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