All this travelling back and forth across the Pennines of late has definitely cramped my photography.  Most of the interesting vistas I have encountered have been seen from behind the wheel of my car on a motorway where stopping to grab a picture is not an option.  Widnes was my destination once again, and apologies to those who live there, but aside from the Silver Jubilee Bridge that featured in my last post I have seen precious little to inspire me.  Maybe the weather has played its part; I’m not usually deterred by cold, wet and overcast scenes, but when I’m working and  dressed in a suit, it becomes a little less practical to be crouching in puddles!_MG_7361-Edit

Consequently I expected that Widnes was going to be a washout (if you’re reading this and know of somewhere that I should have been photographing let me know – whilst I currently have no plans to return, it’s always possible!).  Just as I was approaching my hotel however something caught my eye at the side of the road,  A detached building glowing in the gloom around it, but something else grabbed my attention.  Reticular activation system kicked in it seemed.  Was it ego that alerted me to this small business?  I could understand why you might think that, but this was an echo of an earlier picture.  What a strange co-incidence that having taken a picture in a side street in Sunderland that the image would repeat itself on the other side of the country.

I parked at my hotel, grabbed camera and tripod and returned to the scene to capture the image.  Dissapointingly there were no customers.  I had in mind a long exposure that might have given them a ghostly presence in the finished image.  Instead, if you look closely enough, I got a self portrait.  Maybe it was about ego after all?


more than this
more than this
so much more than this
there is something else there
when all that you had has all gone
and more than this
i stand
feeling so connected
and i’m all there
right next to you

Peter Gabriel – More Than This

In defence of Widnes I subsequently learned that I should at least have undertaken a pilgrimage to the railway station.  Not because it is famously photogenic, but because it is the spot where a young Paul Simon sat down and wrote Homeward Bound.  You learn something every day don’t you!


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