November 17th. A beautiful day with golden sunlight. Perfect for the pictures I will not take. It’s a painful day too as I realise I will not be able to see this project through to the end.

45 weeks of daily portraits. Longer than a pregnancy, but not the complete article. Thanks to those who have read along.

Ave atque vale.


2 thoughts on “Omega

  1. Thanks you so much for what you have provided in this blog, it has been so very inspiring to us, a real gift. My wife and I are community college instructors currently living in North Carolina. We plan to move (semi-retire) to South Shields or Seaburn next June. Constance teaches digital media and I teach Web programming and we both have fine art backgrounds and a love of the coast and nature, and human faces. Your posts paint a rich tapestry, you’ve helped energize us as we worry over whether we are making the right decision to leave our home here. As Constance said just this morning, knowing there are people like you doing what you do makes it easier to make our own move. I am also a writer and someone very concerned with instructional materials, and I found so many resonances in your language and descriptions. So much more to say, we are strangers you have touched, and so let us just say thank you and our very best wishes to you.

    Mike and Constance

  2. I have enjoyed your work this past year, sorry it’s come to an end, but congratulations for keeping it going for so long! Well done.

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