On Friday when I took the images for the previous two day’s blog entries I was pretty satisfied to have enough material to see me through the weekend posts as I knew I’d be working Saturday and Sunday so may be short of time. I didn’t need any more pictures, and there was every chance that I’d even find a portrait or two among the students that I’d be working with to start the following week.

That all changed when I crossed the Wear Bridge and was nearly back to my car, just as Christiana appeared. Her shiny brown hair made her an obvious subject, so I asked her if she’d be photographed. Her response was hesitant, but not an outright refusal.

Normally I would leave it at that, reluctant to pressurise anyone for a picture, but as she explained to me that she was in a hurry her eyes caught the light and I was hooked.

“I’ll be quick.” I promised, which was where I made my mistake.

How many times have I taught business students the value of a plan before execution? Not enough for my own benefit it seems. Out of habit I aligned the focusing point that I prefer for portraits to her nearest eye and shot a couple of images and then allowed her on her way.

Second mistake. After execution should come a review, a review that would have revealed to me that my camera had been set to a different focus point. As a result I have a beautiful Cypriot girl with one ear and a few strands of her hair perfectly sharp. Shame about the rest; she clearly deserved better and I won’t get another chance.


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