I’d just been to talk to some prospective clients about wedding photography, and part of the discussion had centred on how two possible venues in Whitburn Village held the prospect of church grounds, park, village green and beach as possible backdrops that would make beautiful images with the bride and groom.

Of course in our mind’s eyes we were imagining these settings on a perfect summer’s day; dry, bright and still with dappled sunlight falling through the village sycamores.

A far cry from the reality that faced me as I left, grey skies foretold the heavy rain that is sweeping across from the west, trees bending in the wind to bestow their confetti of limp, yellow leaves in all directions.  The beach is cold and dark and the sea is wild.

Yet even in these conditions I found a splash of wedding colour.  Signalled by a flash of bright blue I parked my car to investigate, arriving just in time to meet Maz and Ruhi from Worcestershire, who were visiting the area to attend a Muslim wedding in Seaburn.  (The ceremony is known as a nikah).

With the unselfconsciousness of youth they posed without hesitation, though I was less prepared.  Strictly speaking it was too dim to be shooting without flash, but I didn’t want to detain the girls as they were hardly dressed for the conditions, so resorted to cranking up the ISO and risking as slow a shutter speed as I dared to adjust for the background being brighter than they were.  Not as sharp as I would like, but it conveys their character all the same, for whilst hair, jewellery and fabrics blurred in the wind, the dimpled smiles did not.

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