Having completely failed to live up to yesterday’s resolution to be more organised, I left myself with no choice but to go out this evening armed with a speedlite as well as my camera.  I’m no great fan of on-camera flash, but it seems that in the run up to the end of the year I may have little choice.  Still, practice makes perfect so it should at least allow me to become more creative with that piece of kit.

Not only was it dark, but also wet and windy.  Perfect conditions for keeping people off the streets. 

I suspected that if all of these covered food warmers were in use, that even the promise of “all you can eat” would leave the owners of this Indian buffet with a lot of waste to dispose of.

With so few people about I was resigned to having to wait for a suitable subject, and as it was too windy to practically manoeuvre my umbrella as well as the flash laden camera, I sought refuge at the entrance to an underpass near the Wear Bridge.  Here there was some light so as not to surprise people by appearing suddenly from the shadows so I felt confident that I would find someone.

Soon enough a young girl with a knitted hat was walking towards me followed by a man pushing two small children who were asleep in a buggy.  The girl spoke to me, but was completely unintelligible (East European I think?) so I didn’t think a portrait discussion was worth pursuing.  Still, the man looked promising, and agreed to be photographed.  It was as I asked his name that the penny dropped.  It was Kenneth who I had photographed only a couple of weeks ago.  Doh!

His children would have made a fabulous picture as they both slept, but it seemed a shame to wake them with the flash, so I bade Kenneth goodbye.  (Sorry Kenneth, that should have been Kemesia!).

Luckily I didn’t have to wait much longer before another African came my way.  We negotiated over his picture.  What would he get from allowing me to take his photograph?  The opportunity to download a copy if he liked it.  That was good, he needed a good photograph to use.  He wanted to preserve an air of mystery too.  What should I call him?

“Just say that like the rain I fell from the sky” he replied!



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