Whilst “The Grey” could describe Liam Neeson‘s performances since the tragic death of his wife Natasha Richardson, it is more precisely the name of a recent film in which he plays the leader of a group of men pursued by a pack of murderous wolves who pick off their victims until only Neeson’s character remains.

It also describes today pretty accurately, a day in which the thrice a minute sounding of E♭ above middle C has been a constant feature.  It’s the note of the nearby foghorn and it has been hard at work all day as the coast has been smothered in the white gauze of thick mist.

It did have parallels with the Neeson film at times, but this moment of drama aside it doesn’t make for attention grabbing pictures.  It’s a classic case of “be careful what you wish for” after I bemoaned the hard light yesterday.  This couldn’t be more diffused!

Still it made for nice plain backdrop against which to shoot the very sprightly Joe; a picture of health at 75 which he attributes to his regular walks along the promenade.  Had his expression not been so amicable, a portrait in this light could have had a feel of Richard Avedon about it!  Shame I didn’t realise at the time!

What I did realise however, was what a great background it would be for startling starlings! (It’s worth clicking to enlarge the image for the full effect.)


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