Photography.  Literally, writing with light, but in the same way as a marker pen might be great for leaving a message on a whiteboard but wouldn’t do the trick for writing a piece of personal correspondence, so it is that some lighting conditions are better than others for certain types of shot.

I visited the beach twice today, the first at midday when returning from an appointment.  The sun was bright and relatively low in the sky creating crisp, shadows and bright highlights, extremes which exceed the range of camera sensors so choices must be made.  I contented myself with more abstract shots, but didn’t even consider a portrait as most possibilities were shielded behind dark glasses or squinting against the glare.

And so I returned about three hours later.  The skies now overcast and the light less intense.  Fewer people about but better possibilities for me.  I spent a couple of minutes looking up and down the coast, but there was one figure that called me to photograph her.

Judith, accompanied by a small boy was looking out to sea simply enjoying the endless surge of waves.  Her dimpled smile was perfection. 



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