I know this super highway
This bright familiar sun
I guess that I’m the lucky one
Who wrote that tired sea song
Set on this peaceful shore
You think you’ve heard this one before

My work in Northamptonshire done, it was time to head north once more, and I arrived home just in time to take a short detour to reacquaint myself with the cliffs of South Tyneside bathed in low sunshine.

I seem to have timed my journey to avoid some serious rain for the roadsides are flooded, and car parks awash.  It did however give me the opportunity for another cliche-buster image of Souter Light so that was a nice bonus.

Preparing to leave the National Trust car park was a lady resplendent in a black hat that I knew would make a good portrait.  Patricia was a little concerned, “I always look gormless in photographs.”

I promised that she wouldn’t and as we talked she told me how much she enjoys photography, and that she had recently taken her Pentax to the monastery at Monte Cassino, site of many battles during its long history due to its strategic position overlooking one of the main routes to Rome.  Imagine her disappointment then to find that she had left her battery charger at home.

I’ve had a similar experience when on holiday in the Italian lakes, but was fortunate that other members of my family were better equipped.  In Patricia’s case another visitor to the monastery came to her rescue and has sent her his pictures.

Time to live up to my promise of not making her look gormless then.  It wasn’t too much of a challenge really; I see wit instead.

*Steely Dan – Home At Last


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