My Racial Prejudice

It might surprise those of you who read this blog on a regular basis to find that I am frequently guilty of discrimination against those from other nations.

Given that I must have photographed representatives of a couple of dozen countries during this project, work with international students on a regular basis, and have worked on development projects in Africa it might be even more surprising, but the fact remains that I do often find myself stereotyping some people.

North Americans.

There’s something about fundamentalist Christian, gun carrying, Neo-Conservative, globally ignorant, pro-life, anti-Darwinian, patriarchal super power posturing that gets under my skin, and the trouble is that this stereotype sticks with me.

To be fair, I liked New Yorkers (there’s another sweeping generalisation!), but this doesn’t appear to have been enough to win me over.  That’s why it’s been great to spend some time this weekend challenging my assumptions with some great people from across the pond.

Today’s portrait is of Whitney, a business student from Arizona, who is studying overseas, demonstrating that you can be a leader without being arrogant, and taking an interest in other cultures.  She’s a very competitive volley ball player too.

Thanks Whitney for reminding me how small-minded I can be!

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