Weekend two of my work with Newcastle Business School this autumn, and whilst I shot dozens of images all day, they were more reportage than portrait, until the point when the day was drawing to a close and the students were sharing feedback with one another.

As you can imagine, this is a time for capturing candid expressions on the part of both giver and receiver of feedback, so I was working my way along the lines from a distance when I spotted the lighting on Steve.  Immediately I thought of the lighting workshop at Banana earlier this week for here was a prime example of the power of a single light source.

Steve, who works in child protection, was gracious enough to agree to my use of the image for today’s blog having first given it his approval.  I felt it portrayed him as thoughtful and serious; he put it down to tiredness.  In a week in which Jimmy Savile has claimed so many headlines the expression could conceivably be either.



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