Banana Karma

Some people’s approach to cookery is that they plan every meal for a week, buy all of the necessary ingredients and then implement their plan to the letter.  I might do this if I was entertaining, or trying something new, but more often than not my approach is to check the contents of fridge, larder and cupboards, mull over what I’ve seen, and then create something from the available resources when inspiration hits me.

My approach to photography is similar.

I was at the World Famous Bananastudio yesterday attending a lighting workshop and trying some different ideas.  Now I get the gist of the Inverse Square Law, and the effects of feathering your lights in one direction or another, but I still feel I’m not nailing the opportunity that a well equipped studio with attendant models and make up artist provide.

There is a philosophy in photography of capturing the shot “in camera”, that is to say that the lighting, framing and posing all come together in the viewfinder as the photographer squeezes the shutter and the resulting image needs little additional work.  It’s not a philosophy that I adhere to.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to feel that way about my results at the magic moment, and looking at the backs of other cameras last night I could see that plenty of others seemed to achieve this.  For me though the experience is different.  I look through the viewfinder, glimpse something that at that moment has some element of magic and click.  Then when I review the images later they look boring and uninspiring.  What was it that I saw through the lens that I cannot see on the LCD?  I don’t know.

It’s when I get home and upload them all that my cooking analogy kicks in.  I have a quick rummage, and begin to consider the possibilities of each image.  Those with potential are processed further and cropped to focus attention on the areas that I feel have merit.  (Was this the same element that caused me to take the picture?  I can’t be sure.)

And so from my dozens of acceptable shots, I find some results that please me.  Wonder if they all have that potential?  I don’t know but I certainly don’t have the time to pan for gold with each and every one.

Here are some of those that made the grade last night, featuring Louise and Raminta (who looks uncannily like Holly in some of the shots – probably down to Alex Pretswell’s make up!)

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