…twice coincidence, three times is enemy action.

I can’t be entirely sure of the quote, but these words are used by Auric Goldfinger on encountering James Bond for the third time in Ian Fleming‘s novel.  There have been a couple of times this year when I’ve spotted a likely candidate for a portrait and made my way over to them, only for he or she to recognise me as “the man who took my photograph for his website”.  Luckily in each case the penny has dropped before I made my request and I’ve been able to wave and smile in belated recognition.

It’s a situation I’m familiar from my role as a trainer and presenter.  If you’re talking to large groups they only have to remember one of you whereas there may be dozens of them, so it’s not uncommon to find yourself in that embarrassing position of holding conversation with someone who knows who you are, while you remain completely in the dark!

I’d been doing some pet portraiture all morning so whilst these setters looked magnificent I was ready to let them and their owner go by, and finding nothing more interesting than an arrangement of stones on driftwood tree stump I abandoned the beach in favour of the marina. 

The Sunderland skyline has been dominated by an enormous crane all weekend, and so I went to learn more about the leviathan MPI Adventurer which I had spotted at sea off South Shields last week.

This highly specialised vessel is designed for the installation of offshore wind turbines and features half a dozen huge (72m) legs with which it stabilises itself on the seabed when working.  At sea it looked impressive; up close it was even more so.

It was as I returned to my car that I spotted today’s portrait subject, Amanda.  With her easy laugh and flaming hair she was a great choice, but as I processed the picture I was troubled.  Had I approached her before?  She didn’t mention it, and I didn’t think I remembered the name, but she did look familiar.

A search through my previous posts reassured me.  There were no Amanda’s so far this year, and I put it down to her resemblance to a former colleague called Val.  Wonder if she has a sister? Incidentally, I nearly called this post “Deja Vu“, except that I have definitely used that already!


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