Lost on a wave that you’re dreaming
Dream on on to the heart of the sunrise*

Every day this week my drive to work has been accompanied by the sort of colourful skies that bring dismay to shepherds and sailors but delight to photographers.  Unless the they don’t have time to stop and exploit the opportunity.

Friday brought a day off however, so having planned to greet the sunrise from the beach of Marsden Bay I checked the tide tables and committed to an early alarm, which is how I found myself negotiating the steps down to the beach by head-torch before sunrise.

Today was the day that the conditions changed of course.  I could see that the skies were virtually clear so nothing above me to catch the subtle pinks and reds of the dawn.  It was a different story on the horizon however, for out to sea was a thick bank of cloud that would smother Ra‘s efforts until the colour of his rays had whitened significantly.

Nevertheless it was a privilege to have the beach to myself with an accompanying symphony of bird calls, the crump of crashing waves and the rattle of pebbles dragged back by the receding waters.  I didn’t get what I came for, but was able to take my time and find some shots that pleased me.

I didn’t expect to get a portrait this morning, but as I took a last few shots from the cliff top I was approached cautiously by an inquisitive dog whose owner was a few yards behind.  There aren’t many women who would be willing to be photographed at about 7.15am I don’t suppose, but I’m glad Lesley was agreeable.  She had great amber eyes that were just made to capture that early morning light, although she did say that she doesn’t normally like getting her picture taken.  This shot might be a little closer than she anticipated but I had to give those eyes a chance to sparkle.  Thanks Lesley.


*Yes – Heart Of The Sunrise




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