I’ve been using a questionnaire in training recently which is designed to identify the learning style preferences of the course delegates, and the first question asks them about their approach to giving directions to someone who is lost.

Almost inevitably I get some whose response is: “Depends what she looks like!” because the person in the scenario is female. Was this a subconscious piece of discrimination on the part of the question compiler, assuming that a woman has poorer navigational skills?

It is a common belief that men are better navigators than women, a sweeping generalisation in itself, but one based in the fact that we approach things differently. Different doesn’t necessarily equate to better or worse however.

I was interested to read this article on the website of an organisation that teaches people how to navigate using clues from their environment.

Seems that we men aren’t necessarily better; just more confident in being right!

Today’s portrait is of my colleague Lee.  Right or not, I wouldn’t argue with him!



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