How ironic that the same sea that was so frustratingly calm yesterday should be so stormy this evening. 

Post Tropical Storm Nadine (there’s a title and a half) has skipped across the Atlantic to douse us in 24 hours of rain and gale force winds.  Not the sort of weather that any sane person would be out and about in.  “Not to worry” said Gill, my wife, “you took two portraits yesterday so you have a blog in hand.”

And yet this daily portraiture can be addictive.  Can I brave the elements beneath the darkening sky to find another fool to photograph and without resorting to flash if at all possible?

You have to try don’t you, so fully waterproofed off I go, trying to compromise the safety of my camera with the need to be ready for that unlikely encounter.

No one on the beach.  Or the lower prom.  The occasional runner on the upper prom, but would you want to stop for a picture when out in soggy running shorts?

Where can I guarantee success?  Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs gives priority to physiological needs over safety, so food before comfort.  And so it proves as I stand in wait beside Minchella’s Fish & Chip shop.  A candid, and an angle that gives little of his features away, but it tells a story.  And I did tell Rob that I’d taken it!


2 thoughts on “And now for something completely different…

    1. Thanks for sharing Rob. I’m not in the least religious but I do like to see churches continuing to be put to good use. They’re part of our history and deserve to be treated better – none more so than St Peters.

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