As is usual when I arrived at Whitburn this morning I scanned the beach for inspiration, and so having found none I continued south to Seaburn where the prospects were little better.

I briefly contented myself with some shots of the debris of a beach party held last night, and began to draw comparisons with a party I attended in my youth a little further along the coast.  Our party was centred around a large bonfire built from driftwood and any spare timber that those who planned the event could find, and at the end of the evening the rubbish was collected and binned.

This party seemed to have been centred around a burning office chair, as could be seen from the carcass left amongst the ashes and the melted plastic spread over the sands.  Nice.  I grabbed a few shots to illustrate my point and was leaving the beach when once of the council workers cleaning up showed me a picture on his phone of a sailing event at Roker and told me that it was continuing this morning.

I wasted no time in getting to the Blockyard which was already heavily forested with masts and sails – this was no ordinary yacht club event, this was one of the RYA Olympic Classes National Ranking Series 2012, a compulsory qualification event for young sailors on the Olympic development programme.

It was a beautiful morning so I took my time to shoot from a multitude of angles until the race began at 10.00.  Trouble was that it didn’t.  It was such a lovely morning that there was barely a whisper of a breeze, and certainly not enough to test the mettle of these young competitors.  Very soon the project became one of capturing candid shots of competitors trying to bide their time.

At 10.30 I had to leave, and there was still not a craft in the water.  I hope that changed later in the day.  Anyway I have a whole gallery of shots which I’ll share as part of tomorrow’s blog, but for now here’s Steven from the council to whom I must offer my thanks for telling me all about it.


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