It is well and truly Autumn now  Not just because it is the equinox in a couple of days.  The evidence is all around.

Trees suck the last vestiges of moisture from their leaves before they discard them for the winter.  Morning journeys begin with wiping condensation from the windscreen.  The days grow ever shorter, the temperatures collapse and the beach is once more a place of cold grey solitude.


There is one figure at the waterline.  Bulked out by layers of waterproofing, George is testing this location as suitable for fishing.  The results aren’t too auspicious as yet, but he lives in hope that the peak of the incoming tide will bring a change of fortune.  Optimism is of course a core competence of the fisherman.After agreeing to a couple of shots I leave him there and return the way I came, eyes scanning the high water mark for anything of interest, more from habit than expectation when a spot of colour catches my eye.  I do a double take.  What is this doing here, at this time of year in such an exposed location?I am surprised, and by the looks of things, so is George.



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