Sunderland football club have achieved FA Cup glory twice in their history.  Once in 1973, when Ian Porterfield scored the only goal in a victory over Leeds United, though long ago is still a vivid memory.

Their previous victory came on May 1st, 1937, when legends Raich Carter and Bobby Gurney joined Eddie Burbanks on the score sheet in a 3-1 triumph over Preston North End.   Though long dead now, I remember Bobby Gurney as an occasional customer of my father’s business.

This was the year when, Wallis Simpson married the Duke of Windsor (formerly King Edward VIII), and the Spanish Civil War was still raging.  Japan invaded Beijing, an act which still has consequences to this day.

On a lighter note Detective Comics (now better known as DC) published the first issue of Batman.  Christian Bale looks good for a 75-year-old doesn’t he?  Less significantly in terms of its impact on global culture the Dandy was also published for the first time in Scotland.  Walt Disney premièred Snow White.

In September the gigantic head of Abraham Lincoln was dedicated at Mount Rushmore, and in a nice piece of symmetry J.R.R. Tolkien‘s The Hobbit was published.  This was also the month when James Allen was born in Luton.

Jim, James, Jimmy Allen is my father in law who celebrates his 75th birthday today.  Spitting image of Christian Bale don’t you think?


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