Too late in the day to find many people to photograph on the beach, although there seems to be a busload of overweight female joggers strung out along the cliff tops. Post Great North Run stretching? Doesn’t feel likely, and no sign of Kiprotich!

I head further south to the road above the Marina, where I’m fortunate enough to meet Ben and Ali, two Nigerian students at the University.  (I did well to avoid an ice cream pun there).

Having a dislike of gaps between heads when shooting duos I try to solve this by having the guys stand back to back and look towards me.  As a strategy this fails, for two reasons:

  1. I hadn’t counted on the height difference, which still left me with a gap to fill, and
  2. Ali’s English seemed less fluent (I must learn some Yoruba), or he was reluctant to look my way.

I’ve been teaching a group of employees of a Japanese manufacturer about looking for positive outcomes from what might otherwise be failure today.  Here was a case in point.

I abandoned my original thoughts about a pair, and cropped into two separate portraits.  A perfectly acceptable one of Ben, and a very enigmatic one of Ali.

Definitely a case of “Buy One, Get One Free!”


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