So picture the scene, I’m sitting looking out to sea and enjoying the clouds which demand a polarising filter, wondering if I can draw some inspiration from the oyster catchers which I’ve just passed, spotlit by the low sun on their white plumage, or the suction dredger Marlin which is returning to port.

The latter seems unlikely so I’m changing lenses in anticipation of needing telephoto for the birds when I hear screams from around the corner at Parson’s Rock.  I didn’t recall seeing anyone on the shore as I passed so I’m a little curious, but already resigned to the fact that my targets will have flown.

Sure enough, no waders but three young Asians who have presumably manoeuvred over or under the railings to reach the rocks.  Railings which rise from a tarmac bearing large white letters which read “Wet Paint”.  I’ve not tested it myself, but it still smells fresh so I guess they had an interesting time or have a surprise awaiting them.The screams are from the female in the group, Jyoti, who seems to have been assigned the role of photographer for the two boys who are preening on the rocks and styling their hair with dabs of seawater.  Being assigned as photographer wouldn’t normally elicit screams, but in this case the role required her to be standing below them in the water.

It wasn’t long before the guys joined her, leaving jackets and shoes carefully stowed on the limestone, to wade to the next outcrop.  The sea was clearly a novelty to them as I watched them crouch in the shallows only to be caught out by the change in depth that a small wave creates.  They didn’t plan for the rising tide either in the position of their shoes!It wasn’t long before all three were soaking, from splashed both accidental and deliberate.  They were clearly enjoying life, though an older woman who passed by tutted at their recklessness in risking injury through slipping on the rocks.  After a while they clambered up to pass me an iphone to take a group shot or two on but I found it hard to catch their names over the sounds of the sea.  I’m sure I heard Saqib and Jyoti, which I know to be Arabic and Sanskrit names respectively, but the third sounded like Manod which doesn’t seem right, so my apologies.  Hope you didn’t have far to go to get dried.


2 thoughts on “Youthful exuberance

    1. They must have struck lucky I think – the writing was still on the ground today, but the council had removed the cones that accompanied it so it must have been fairly fresh. Having said that over the course of a few hundred yards there’s scope for some to be dried before some is even started!

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