When I finished my stint as a part-time tutor in July, it was in the expectation that I would be returning to the college this month in a full-time role and beginning formal teacher training.  Well as it turns out that will be one road not travelled – the full-time role evaporated in budget review and I’m now working for a consultancy who are proving lots of work and much closer at hand.

Consequently I’m the only member of the household not bound up the education calendar.  Megan of course has been back at Uni for a couple of weeks; not because her studies are underway, there’s still a couple of weeks before such matters need concern her, but because she has the dual enticements of a house shared with friends and a boyfriend a couple of streets away.

In Gill’s role as a school administrator she has been over the school threshold occasionally during the holidays, but the mêlée didn’t begin in earnest until today when the school office becomes a mass of queries about dinner money and uniforms.

For children of course this is the one day of the year when they are likely to be in a pristine uniform, with a new pencil-case, virgin notebooks and shiny shoes, particularly if they are changing school and aren’t yet up to speed with the limits of acceptable uniform transgressions.

Whilst Holly as a sixth former is way too cool to be seen to give this too much attention there was an air of excitement today as she when off to meet new teachers, new class mates and to navigate a new environment.  Uniform doesn’t really describe the dress code that she must adhere to now, most of the rebellions will be about make-up and skirt length no doubt, nevertheless she looked pretty good when she left today.

I’m only glad she hasn’t begun her Physics studies by reading How to be Topp: A Guide to Sukcess for Tiny Pupils, Including All There is to Kno about Space*

*Molesworth books by Geoffrey Whilans and Ronald Searle – written when I was a boy!



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