Only last week I wrote about the marina at Roker in Sunderland, and today I found another under my nose.  I was driving home along Newcastle’s Quayside when I spotted the Donny Rover bobbing high above the passing pedestrians.

The only vessels I’ve seen tied up here before have been visiting tall ships, so I was surprised to see a more modern outline afloat here and so stopped to investigate.  Looking for somewhere to get a decent angle to photograph from I leant over the river and spotted a long pontoon platform with power and water supplies.

“This is new.” I thought and looking around further spotted the sign informing me that this is Newcastle’s City Marina.  Further investigation revealed that it’s been here for months.  How come I’ve never noticed it before?  The answer lies with the Donny Rover.  Even at high water there is little evidence of the marina to be seen from the roadside, especially at the moment when the railings are festooned with London 2012 banners.  Without a boat alongside there was no clue for me, and that tells a story.

There must never have been another boat berthed on any of the occasions that I have passed by, which is a shame really.  Of course a tub of any size will need to negotiate the opening of the Millennium Bridge‘s winking eye, but I suspect there is another deterrent to potential visitors.  The marina is a great location, especially on an evening like this with the sun casting shadows across the quayside façades.  You’re right in the heart of the action here, and that’s the problem.

At 6pm there was only one drunk mumbling and stumbling his way about the place, but come the evening…  I wouldn’t want to be trying to sleep there with some of the streetlife of a Newcastle party night.

Still, all was civilized when I was there, and the light was so good that this portrait of Annie looks like it was shot against a studio backdrop.  Good thing I have the other pictures to prove otherwise.





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