We Brits are a funny lot.  The sun is shining so we must spend the day on the beach.

Never mind that it is “blowing a hooley”, mad dogs and Englishmen will still be drawn out by the sun.

Too cold for sunbathing, so better get the windbreak up and stick on an extra layer or two.

Share body heat by getting close while you eat your ice cream.Keep active with a little beach cricket.Or rejoice in the fact that you can harness the wind by sail……or shoulder-blade!For me one of the benefits of this year of portraits is learning about the challenges of photographing people in the outdoors and how to overcome them.  On a day like today the wind is the obvious challenge.  Getting sand in your eyes is not a good look.But then if you turn your subject away from the wind, you need to ensure that they don’t have loose clothing like a scarf, or hair that is long and untied.  That virtually guarantees that at the moment you squeeze the shutter button your subject’s face will be masked by one or the other.

This was the challenge I faced today with Ashlea, who had fantastic long and shiny hair, which I let blow in the wind while I sheltered her from the sand grains so that I could be sure of capturing the green in her eyes.  A couple of stray hairs remained across her teeth, but this was soon removed in processing, and the collar that was blown upwards by the wind needed a bit of work to less its impact.  More to learn for next time!

Thanks Ashlea I wonder how long you had to spend brushing those locks when you got home!


2 thoughts on “Leeward

  1. Hiya lovely to meet you yesterday! Never mind airbrushing the hair from my teeth – its the wrinkles around my eyes that are the real challenge! Interesting blog btw
    Love Ashlea X

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