In the game of Othello or Reversi the pieces flip from black to white and vice versa.  There is no intermediate state, no compromise.

In digital computer code a switch is either on or off, a “1” or a “0”.  There is no alternative.

It seems that the weather patterns reaching these islands are following a similar pattern at present.  Bright sunshine.  Heavy Rain,  More bright sunshine.  Guess what’s on the way?

Luckily this morning coincided with one of the drier interludes.  It was actually pretty warm in the sunshine, and a number of walkers were taking the opportunity provided by larger pieces of driftwood to have a seat, catch some rays, and let their dogs do the work of exercising themselves.

For me there was little drama in these clear skies to shoot so I contented myself with changing tints through white balance adjustments.  Corporate HQ wall paper stuff really.

With Jimmy seated, and me on a sloping beach I was able to get an angle to shoot him and his dog which gave me a different style of picture.  The bright sun leaves no choice but to burn out the highlights to white if you want any detail from the shadows (or a dark dog), but I’m happy with the outcome.

Now to get the waterproofs ready for tomorrow.




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