Having successfully shoehorned daughter Megan and all her worldly goods in between the spider carcases that pepper her tiny room, it was time to say goodbye for another term, until we see her at Christmas and discover how she has really fared when having to share a house and look after herself.  (Nice curtains don’t you think?)

Minutes later, Gill was drying her tears as we joined the notorious M25 and the Satnav helpfully informed us of long delays ahead.  Long delays that grew longer as a result of an accident in the thunderstorms that punctuated our crawl around the orbital motorway.

Consequently no sooner had be joined the M1 than we stopped at the motorway services for a loo break, having been on the road for a couple of hours already!  The trouble with public toilets is that they always provoke an outbreak of IHS with me.  No not IBS, IHS.  Invisible Hand Syndrome.  I’m sure I can’t be the only sufferer, but whenever faced with one of those “automatic” hand dryers I’m snookered.

I present my hands to the machine just like everyone else, having shaken the surplus water from my fingers and nothing happens.  Whatever sensor they employ in these machines, my hands never seem to trigger it.

I wave them about a bit under the vent.  Still nothing.  Start drying movements.  Nothing.  And then… the machine gives a splutter, if only to prove that it is actually switched on, before resuming its stony silence.  I try another machine with similar results.  Meanwhile the first is happily blowing hot air all over the hands of another punter.  Is it just me?  I don’t have such small hands.  What am I doing wrong?

Inevitably I give up and emerge to meet Gill with hands that have a damp sheen to the backs, and a pair of jeans that have a slightly darker tone down the centre of each thigh!

Today’s portrait is of Rachael, one of Meg’s friends from both school and Uni, although she is about to move away from Royal Holloway soon as she has switched to a journalism course elsewhere in Surrey.  I’m sure she’s made the right decision as she’s a great photographer, and now a blogger too.  Check out her blog here.

She has fab dimples and gave me a great quirky smile – cheers Rachael and good luck.


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