I’ve photographed many of those who find exercise and recreation in the waters off Whitburn and Seaburn; the many board riders, propelled by sail, kite, paddle or wave, the kayakers and even the open water swimmers.  Consequently when I walked the beach today I wasn’t sure who or what I’d shoot.

The wind and waves were combining to give a constant stream of rolling breakers, but there were few taking advantage; most of those who braved the sea were of the run in and straight out again variety.

Still there were the occasional images that prompted me to raise the camera to my eye; a family with a shared love of sartorial millinery,

an old man keeping guard over the clothes while others paddled (well someone has to!)

and the inevitable evidence of the totem builders who try to build mysticism from driftwood!A little further along and I spotted a group on horseback, racing on the soft sands and then cooling their steeds in the shallows.  I remember shooting a horse on Whitburn beach a few years back and thinking it was a an unusual event.  Now they seem to be part of the fixtures and fittings, but I’ve not photographed them in the same way as I have other beach users.

As I neared the group there was one woman whose mount stood out to me as a particularly fine specimen, but I’m no equestrian.  Nevertheless I like the way its muscles are sculpted by the light.  As I said a fine specimen, contrasting with the mount of one of the other riders.  Bet the dog was worried!Today’s picture is of Sid whose aquiline features reminded me of a young Martin Landau.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if he’d spoken to me with an American accent.  (He didn’t.)


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