Well, more strictly, evening passage really, (but I don’t think Weather Report ever released an album of that name!)

Weather Report – Night Passage

Looking for something a little different to photograph today, I thought the forecast for rain in the afternoon might deliver, but it seems that the South Westerly wasn’t blowing quickly enough so it was much later in the day before the sou’westers were required.

Setting out later than usual I thought about the elements that I might combine into some images; predominantly wet surfaces reflecting predominantly man-made light.

At the Wear Bridge, I did some of the obvious stuffsome of the less obvious, and ended up with this.

I’d started earlier in Seaburn though, returning to Leisureworld for something a little more reflective using the puddles around the front of the building.  Talking to one of the staff outside she told me that her other half (former Angelic Upstarts drummer Keith “Sticks” Warrington) was a photographer, and persuaded me to shoot hand held as well as with tripod.  I didn’t get her name which was unfortunate as in between reminiscences about playing gigs at “The Old Twenty-Nine” I shot this.

The best shot of the night was already in the bag though.  The earlier storm has now heading out to sea, leaving dramatic skies and wet sands to mirror them.  Throw in a piece of luck with a fisherman’s lobster pot marker washed ashore and you can’t go wrong.  (Although I did bin several shots that blurred as a result of the tripod sinking into the wet sand during the long exposure necessary in the fading light).

As I packed up I was greeted by a friendly dog, who together with the two young women walking him were the only other witnesses to this beauty.  Naturally I asked them to be photographed and they agreed.  So here we have Beck (the Aussie in the hat) and her more local friend Joanie (as in “Joanie loves Chachi” or Joni as in this week’s earlier blogs?).  I didn’t check the spelling I’m afraid.  With poor light and a hand-held I had no option but to crank up the ISO settings and open up the aperture to compensate so image quality suffers.

Still good enough to show a couple of great smiles though.


Weather Report – Night Passage


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