Another idyllic day on the Whitburn coast.  Perfect for a wedding, some cricket practice, or a little propagation perhaps.

Strolling to the shore I spotted something out of place here amongst this leisurely activity.  There was a man on the beach, working at a table.  What could he be doing, and why there?

I was here as usual to see what I might find of interest on and around the beach, and I wasn’t disappointed.  There’s a lot of driftwood about still, but you can create something a little less commonplace even with a single piece.As I drew nearer to the man it became obvious what he was up to.  Having written only yesterday decrying the artistic and cultural appetites of my fellow Wearsiders, here was an artist at work.He was painting the Fisherman’s Cottages, a landmark of the area, though one that I usually have at my back when photographing the boats in the lagoon.  He was Robert Soden, an artist who has been chronicling the changes within the City of Sunderland through his paintings for a couple of decades.  How ironic that I should meet him after yesterday’s blog, and even more so that he should provide one of my favourite portraits of late.

Thanks Robert.


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