If there should be no blog tomorrow alert the police for I shall be lying in a shallow grave having met a grisly end whilst asleep.

Let me explain.  A schoolboy error when saving some training materials I’d written meant I lost a chunk of work today, leaving me little time to go out shooting.  No need to worry though, my wife was going out with old friends and once I’d done the obligatory taxi drive I’d have no problem finding someone to shoot.

Remarkably she was ready early, and less remarkably she looked beautiful, so as I had my camera to hand I just had to stop her in the one band of light breaching our hallway while I rattled of a few hundred megabytes.  Job done you might think, but this is one area where I walk a dangerous line.  The good lady is very particular about what she likes in a picture, and where I see beauty, she sometimes does not.  Consequently I was under orders to do nothing with the pictures until I had her approval!

So off we go across town, and on my return I stop and wander the area around Sunderland Minster.  It is only a few weeks since the solstice yet already the sky has a warm glow at 7.30 as we enter the golden hour before sunset. 

Lots of buildings bask in its amber hue, but there isn’t anyone about I want to photograph.

A group of nondescript Chinese students, one with washed out purple dye in his hair?  No.  The Neanderthals sitting outside a pub and making animal noises as a police van passes.  Maybe not.  A woman out running  – you’ll never catch her.  There are few people about – the workers have all gone home and the party people won’t hit town for several hours yet.

And then a young woman passes before me in denim mini and grey t-shirt that virtually guarantee her anonymity, until I catch a flash of light in her eyes and I stop her for a picture.  I’m blessed by a perfect smile to go with the shining eyes and we have a result.  Thanks Jess – you saved the day…

…but maybe not my bacon.  You see I just couldn’t resist…  She might not look dangerous…




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