I’ve never really been a caravanner.  To be fair I’ve not experienced enough of it to see the appeal.  There were a couple of days in Castle Douglas, Scotland when my parents had agreed to tow a friend’s caravan home.  That was notable for three things;

  1. My friend Jonathan’s vomiting
  2. What seemed an interminable showing of Dr Zhivago at the local cinema, and
  3. Being told off regularly for not being careful enough with the gas light mantles.

Then there was the two weeks in a Eurocamp caravan with my family when my daughters were small.  Two weeks in the Vendée enjoying sun and sand, French coastal life and all that goes with it became seven days of strong winds and heavy rain.  We retreated back across the channel at that point when the forecast indicated more of the same!

There are those who love the pursuit however, and a few times each year they descend on the field at Seaburn Camp and do just that for a few days.  More often than not they experience conditions not unlike those that we had in France, but with lower temperatures, yet still they come year after year.

I don’t know what attracts them to the area.  I don’t see hordes of them crossing the road to the nearby beach.  It might be purely the social aspect of meeting the same hardy souls who put up with our weather this time last year.

Whatever the reason they are here again, the green of the field made white by a sea of mobile rooftops.  And the weather?  There have only been a couple of thunderstorms since they arrived, and the sun has managed to shine too, though always with the presence of menacing clouds.These of course are great for me to shoot dramatic skies – perhaps that’s what appeals to the caravanners too.

I don’t think Bill, was one of them but he did agree to be today’s portrait.  Thanks Bill,

Oh and by the way – three simple words to share.

Sir Chris Hoy!!!!!!!


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