I’ve invented a new word; velography. It means combining photography and cycling and I’ve done it a few times of late when I haven’t a lot of time to get out for a few pictures.

I don’t think it will catch on though. First there’s the issue of what to do with the camera.

A Canon 5d mkII with a 70-200mm lens is no small beast, and with a lens hood attached for protection,even larger. Hung around the neck it swings precariously by pumping legs, strapped across the back and it slides around and digs into your spine.

A small rucksack is more comfortable but it doesn’t give easy access, a camera bag does but it’s large and ungainly.

Then there’s the cycling itself. I get frustrated slowly twiddling along, but up it to faster speeds and you miss the opportunities. Today I spotted a man about to feed an ice cream to his Labrador. By the time i slammed on the brakes and u-turned I was just in time to see the last inch of cone disappear.

It was cycling that made me short of time too. With Team GB dominating in the velodrome you can’t afford to miss a second. So I was on my way home and sure that I was empty-handed when I caught a flash of red hair and a great pair of cheekbones Justine and her family were leaving the beach but this time I was quick enough.

Justine time, you could say!



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