Stevie Wonder – Living For The City

I’ve lived my life in and around Sunderland, and for the last 20 years the settlement has had the status of being a City, yet for me it falls a long way short of what I enjoy about cities; historical, artistic, gastronomic and architectural gems are few and far between.

And now for the heresy.  I don’t care, because these elements are still within easy reach in Sunderland’s long-standing rival; Newcastle.

You might not understand this if you’re not from the North East, but the rivalry is deep-seated and dates back nearly 400 years to the English Civil War when the two towns supported opposite sides.  People had died in Sunderland as a result of Charles I’s decision to award coal trading rights exclusively to Newcastle.

Nevertheless I love Newcastle, especially as a photographer.  A short city walk provides opportunities to capture all manner of contrasting but interesting imagery and you can do so without resorting to the usual shots of the Tyne Bridges or Grey’s Monument.

Even buildings that have stood for decades can be viewed in new ways with a little imagination.

No surprise then that I should see so many other photographers about.  I felt it was time to include one of them in this series of pictures, so welcome Maureen (a fellow Canon user!).

The downside of street walking is of course that you’re limited to how much kit you can carry.  Wish I’d had a reflector to bounce some light into her eyes to compensate for the overhead sun, but then I would have needed an assistant to hold it too!




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