The Airshow is over and the clean-up is underway, but not before I share my favourite image from those I took yesterday.  The Breitling wing-walkers may not share the speed of the Red Arrows, but the girls strapped to the top must love the wind in their hair!

Which brings me to today; still warm and sunny but a strong wind is blowing from the SW, a warm wind, but a strong one all the same.  But how do you photograph wind effectively?  Like the metaphors in the chorus of the song from the Sound of Music you can’t, for it is an invisible phenomenon.  All you can do is photograph its effects.

The most obvious method is to find a flag, or even a windsock, but unless you have lots of them in the shot, I personally think they lack impact.

There are kites of course, but this is only marginally less clichéd.Perhaps the sand swirling on the beach and the crests of wavelets dissolving into spray?

Now we’re making progress, how about an image that combines these effects with a lifeguard whose clothing has been moulded to him by the movement of the air?

(Yes ladies it will enlarge if you click the image!)

For me though the answer was to get down into the detail.  At first sight this look like nothing more than a piece of bladder-wrack that has been semi submerged by the drifting silica.  But look more closely (enlarge if you need to) and you can see the individual grains that are airborne around it.  What’s more some of those grains have blurred into tiny hyphens of light and shade – which is going some when the image was captured at 1/2000 of a second.  Now that proves there was some wind blowing!Today’s portrait subject had his hat firmly screwed down because it didn’t budge an inch in this turbulence.  His name is Raphael and he’s one of the kitchen team at Little Italy.

His English seemed to be no better than my Italian, but this was one occasion where grazie, prego and ciao seemed to do very nicely!



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