The roadside parking along the sea front has been claimed by mobile home owners claiming the best seats in the house in good time.

The static exhibits are already drawing attention.

There is plenty of junk to part tourists from their money.

Plans are in place.

The champagne is on ice…

…and the stage is set.

Everything is ready for the airshow to begin.  Well almost.  There were plenty of stall holders still readying themselves this afternoon, and whilst the event officially begins today, the actual flying doesn’t start until tomorrow so they had plenty of time.

One group of guys erecting an awning were vying for the opportunity to have their pictures taken, and whilst any of them would have been great portrait opportunities there was one that stood out; Manu.  (“Like the football team.” he explained).  His accent was Londoner, but there was more to it.  He explained that he was of Indian origins, which surprised me given his braided hair, but that he also had African heritage.  Manu was a good name then, as it means man in both cultures.And normally that would be it for today’s portrait, but a few yards further and I came upon Kristel (probably spelt wrongly) who also had strikingly braided hair.  It seemed strange to find this extraordinary beauty standing aimlessly by the roadside, but I couldn’t ignore her on the grounds of having already photographed Manu, so today you get two for the price of one!

Jimmy Cliff – Wonderful World, Beautiful People


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