I recently wrote about the way in which the school prom has seeped into our culture from our cousins across the Atlantic, and tonight provided further evidence.  The junior school where my wife works, and both my daughters and I were educated, holds a leaving party each year on the school premises which has become known as the Leavers’ Prom.

This is the third year where I have been on hand in the role of photographer, and it’s a very different experience to the one I wrote about recently.  Some 80 or so eleven year olds have a couple of hours to dance, eat, …and have their photographs taken.

With a couple of strobes in softboxes and a black backdrop with cut out silver stars we rig up a classroom studio, and the kids love it.

Initially shy and reserved, it doesn’t take long for them to loosen up and strike a pose. Girls in ball dresses and boys in their first suit feel very grown up, until you try to photograph them together.  That’s the point at which the need to assert your personal space becomes overwhelming when you’re eleven.

Naturally I couldn’t share any of their pictures here without appropriate consent, but of course part of the process does include getting their class teachers to pose together.  One of them has already appeared in this blog, whilst another has been running scared every time I’m near the school with a camera.

No excuses now – so here are Miss Sodhi, Mrs Avery and Mrs Hands, to use their teaching names!

Do they teach “The Scottish Play” at junior school?



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