I’m ultra busy for the next couple of days with two photoshoots from Bananastudios to process and a wedding on Saturday, so I trust you’ll excuse the shortness of the entries today and tomorrow.

The second of those photoshoots is this afternoon with my daughters and their cousin Abby, so this morning I was waiting to collect one of them from the hairdressers.  For the first time in a while there was a break in the rain, and even the occasional patch of blue in the sky.  Nothing to get excited about, but closer to summer than we’ve had for a while.

The village was busier as a result, with more people willing to stop and chat with one another and strolling leisurely from shop to shop, rather than making short dashes from car to shop doorway to avoid the soaking that would result from any sort of tardiness.

Finishing his pre-holiday preparations with a last-minute haircut I met Robin, a former colleague from my days in banking.  No problem finding someone to shoot today then.

Enjoy your holiday Robin and thanks.


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