After the rain came the fog.

It’s one of the features of living on the North Sea coast – the mists that can blight any summer’s day by enveloping the coastline in cold and damp.  It may be bright and sunny a few hundred yards inland, fooling many into heading for the beach, only to find the blue skies and golden sands rendered grey by airborne water vapour.

For me as a photographer it’s not without appeal though.  As soon as you walk out of your door you enter a different world.  The cobwebs that yesterday were invisible are now painted silver by the addition of tiny water droplets.  Not such good news for the spiderlings erupting from their nest who are now easily identifiable by any small bird in the vicinity.

On the coast itself, the greyness desaturates many a scene, though this means that if you get close enough to a source of colour, it provides a strong contrast to the blandness all around.

Of course there are some subjects whose greyness means that even a colour image like this looks monotone in these conditions.  It the time of year when the adolescent gulls are on the way to developing adult plumage, losing their speckled browns for solid blocks of grey and white.  Only the golden yellow of their bills brings a touch of colour to their new outfits.

So with colour at a premium, I went in search of something different to create a striking image.  The contrast between light and shade provided by a silhouette amongst these ashen skies.  That I was able to find a suitable spot to enhance this with a reflection was a bonus.

So with all of this greyness it seemed appropriate to shoot a monotone portrait today.  Every other image has been in colour, and I’ve noticed that I tend to use mono more frequently with male subjects than female, but I had no worries today.  Sue’s smile is so fantastic that colour would be an unnecessary distraction.

BTW – if you came across this blog because you were seeking some badly written source of titillation, my apologies for misleading you, if only in part!



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