In yesterday’s blog I made reference to the Americanisation (or should that be Americanization) of our culture, and today I’m faced with a prime example of it.

My youngest daughter is leaving school to go into sixth form; she and her fellow inmates of the Monkey House, are heading for pastures new, scattered around a number of schools and colleges in the Wearside area.

This sort of thing should not go without some form of social event.  When I left that same school (though in those days it was as a sixth former) there was probably some sort of school night out, though in all honesty I have no memory of it.  Holly celebrates today, not with a night out, or a party, but with the inevitable “Prom“.

Dating back to the early 1800’s the promenade was originally a social dance for young American adults, much like the debutante ball, but over the decades it was adopted first by colleges and then by high schools, and the “uniform” of choice has fluctuated between smart and casual, eventually settling at the point where the prom outfit is second only to a wedding dress in the eyes of some girls.

The levels of expense that parents are prepared (or persuaded) to pay are staggering.  Aside from the dresses, there are hairdo’s, spray tans, manicures and limousines to consider, and not always to good effect!

Holly has been more conservative, but will have just as good a time as any recipient of such largesse, and for me she looks just as stunning (if not more so) as any of her contemporaries.  Biased?  Moi?




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