It was a beautiful morning today, little discernible wind, bright sunshine and the beach was fully exposed by the receding tide; a perfect day for walking.  Of course you don’t need to go to the lengths of bringing seven dogs to enjoy the pursuit!

For some it seemed that even walking was not enough, for as this couple walked to the waves she appeared ready to swim, but then turned 90 degrees and strolled barefoot in the shallow waters.

It was so summer-like that the beach was alive with swallows, skimming low over the sands, stocking up ahead of their long return to Africa later in the year.  I tried in vain to capture them in flight, but their speed and incredible manoeuvrability leave you with a blur every time.

Of course, this being an English summer, the experience was short-lived, for in truth the sky was cloudy and this bright spell with its attendant sense of warmth nothing more than a brief interlude before the next wave of cloud cast shadows covered the beach and cooled things down once more.

For me though the combination of light and shade was perfect, and combined with the reflective powers of wet sand gave me the opportunity to get on my knees and produce something a little more artistic. 

So job done except that I didn’t have a portrait yet.  The council worker out watering the temporary floral arrangements that are deployed in advance of the forthcoming International Airshow would have been a good picture, but believed he was prevented by council regulation from being photographed.  Doubtless for fear of ridicule at irrigating the planters during such a spell of unsettled weather.

I met Joe shortly afterwards though, and he explained that he would normally be at the gym, but was suffering from a knee injury.  Nice day for a walk then.


*For those who remember Joe & Petunia with affection!


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