Testing, testing… 1,2,3

I need to complete a psychometric test today in my other life as an organisational development practitioner.  I’m happy to complete aptitude tests (which assess my skills in numeracy, literacy etc) until the cows come home, but psychometric tests do put me on edge.

It’s not a fear of the unknown; I’m a qualified practitioner of the British Psychological Society and have used these tests on numerous occasions to support the development of individuals as well as in recruitment.

Now I know that you can learn a lot from an individual from an hour-long questionnaire, provided it is suitably debriefed through discussion with a skilled individual who devotes the right amount of time to the process, and it’s here that I have the doubts.  I think I’m a complex individual (aren’t we all) and I know that my scores from a psychometric report will reflect that complexity (I’ve seen some of my previous results).  I’d be perfectly happy to interview myself and get to the bottom of that, but will the person using my report on this occasion.

So there we are, I haven’t even completed it yet and I’ve revealed that I’m controlling, a bit of a perfectionist, and not good at delegation.  Clever stuff this psychometrics!

I’m also pretty particular about the people who I think will make a good portrait.  I’d cycled the length of the sea front today (and a lot quicker than the riders above), seeing few people who inspired me, and those that did were inaccessible by bike.  Returning to Whitburn I sat at the main junction and waited.  A white-haired man with gold earrings would have been perfect, but he was on a bike and through the lights before I could speak to him.  Waiting a little longer I was rewarded when Mary emerged from the florists.

She agreed to be photographed but asked if I wanted the proprietor instead.  Having found a face that I wanted to shoot I wasn’t going to trade for an unseen replacement.  I have standards you know.

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