Something for nothing?

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Seth Godin is an entrepreneur, speaker and author whose area of expertise is marketing, but whose blog contains a lot of thought provoking content, whether you’re interested in the field or not.  (Check out Caine’s Arcade!)

Someone recently asked who I write this blog for, and I suspect the question was prompted by a feeling that what they were reading wasn’t for them. My response is that it’s for anyone who might be interested. Some days that someone might share an interest in music, another day a different reader may find an aspect of sociology to consider, and on the next day a third person might simply like the pictures.

It doesn’t matter to me, I put my thoughts out there and if they resonate in some way that’s good, and if they don’t then no harm done.

Godin recently blogged that the internet had spawned a host of bandits and philanthropists. A prime example of the former was in the news today.

After years of mis-selling PPI (payment protection insurance) the UK banks are now paying compensation to those customers who suffered as a result. The process of claiming is free of charge and quite straightforward, yet a slew of businesses have sprung up offering to manage your claim for commissions of between 15 to 25% of the compensation payment. Try googling ppi claim and you’ll see what I mean. Bandits indeed.

By contrast those of us who blog do so from a philanthropic perspective. Seth actively seeks to disseminate ideas, but in doing so avoids what he would term “interrupting” the customer, taking instead an approach where he has by implication of their visiting his page, their permission for him to market those ideas to them.

My time in writing is given freely, and I gain no direct benefit from the process, but I do benefit from having access to the thoughts of others that are similarly freely shared whether I’m tempted by a recipe, inspired by imagery, moved by experience, or simply entertained.  (Why do you read blogs?   Leave a comment to let me know.)

Similarly those who have been and continue to be my subjects are being philanthropic. They give a little of their time (and perhaps their soul) for no discernible reward yet they give others a chance to reflect on the lives they have lived.

Today I met Victoria and Ben.  Regular readers will know I prefer not to shoot couples but these two were inseparable. Victoria was happy to pose and easy to shoot, whilst Ben was determined not to look directly towards me.  Philanthropist and bandit?  That might be stretching a point!

2 thoughts on “Something for nothing?”

  1. A comment relating to your question: Without wishing to sound sycophantic, reading your blog is like having a (silent) conversation with you, every word counts. Also your images have life…you can almost ‘smell’ the scene, it is as if you are participating rather than just viewing a still.

    1. Thank you Bee; I try to balance a conversational approach with enough vocabulary to keep it interesting. My photography is, and I suppose always will be, a work in progress towards achieving the standards of those that inspire me. I am getting there though; when I look back at old work compared to more recent there’s some improvement!

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