Wasn’t sure what to write about this week – my photographic time has been spent on developing a slide show for marketing purposes and it seemed natural to write about that and then share the slides here.  Slight problem.  The slides feature some of my images from Darren & Helen’s recent wedding and they are still on honeymoon so it wouldn’t be right to publish here before the bride and groom have seen them!

Back to the drawing board then; I had a meeting with Carolyn Brown this week, a life coach who lives in Tynemouth.  Great, go early, get some great images of Cullercoats.  Sky looked interesting as I left, but when I got there Cullercoats didn’t!  Not a single fishing boat on the water to create any sort of composition, and that interesting sky was to the south back over Sunderland!  Shot a few frames into the light with a graduated filter to lessen the impact of the sun.  The drama of the clouds that I liked is present, but the foreground is unimpressive.  Not really inspirational blog material.

When I joined Carolyn we talked in a room in her flat which overlooked the sea, and the light poured in through be bay windows.  Inevitably as she spoke I watched the play of light on her face and thought about pictures.  Light of course is ephemeral and when I reached for the camera at the end of our discussion the mist developing outside had diffused that great light.  Still got a portrait which I think captures the essence of Carolyn but rued missing the earlier opportunity.

So Saturday came and still no subject in mind, but from leaving home at 7.00am to travel to Darlington I was on the lookout, perhaps inspired by the BBC Britain in a Day project.  Travelling down the A1 I was aware of the moon isolated in a blue sky to my right.  Why do I always spot great images when driving on motorways where there is no option to stop?  Nevertheless a fragment of song came to mind about a “gibbous moon” and I spent the rest of my journey trying to dredge up the rest of the song, the meaning of “gibbous”, and the artist’s name.  (Aimee Mann – Ghost World by the way)

Had a great day working with students from the Newcastle Business School and set off home with that moon glowing in the sky again, pale yellow amongst diaphanous clouds.  Still nowhere to stop!   Took a detour via the coast to see if I could capture it over the sea before returning home, and captured something interesting with long exposures over the water, but unfortunately there was so much noise in them (one of the challenges of shooting the night sky) that I was left unsatisfied.

Gibbous actually refers to the phase of the moon between full moon and half moon when the majority of the moon is illuminated and the word means bulging.  It seemed an ironic that the word had stuck with me all day when all of the images I had to consider were similarly incomplete yet past halfway!  Bulging with frustrated opportunities.

I turned my attention to the images of today.  I enjoy shooting the students in action because it requires some anticipation concentration and emotional responses of the students to the tasks we present them with and each other’s behaviour during the task.  It provides the opportunity to get some nice portraits that candidly reflect the individual, whether classically photogenic or not.  As I neared the end I found this one – an interesting gesture, drawing your attention to the subjects eye, the window to the soul.  Great timing, but perhaps the partly obscured face links back to that fascination with the moon.  I wouldn’t be so ungallant as to call Jeenal gibbous though!


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